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The other is used only in a few places, notably most implementations of awk and grep.

The two approaches have wildly different performance characteristics: .

Regular expressions are a notation for describing sets of character strings.

When a particular string is in the set described by a regular expression, we often say that the regular expression matches the string.

Thompson and Ritchie would go on to create Unix, and they brought regular expressions with them.

The trends shown in the graph continue: the Thompson NFA handles a 100-character string in under 200 microseconds, while Perl would require over 10 years.

(Perl is only the most conspicuous example of a large number of popular programs that use the same algorithm; the above graph could have been Python, or PHP, or Ruby, or many other languages.

As the graph shows, though, it is possible to write so-called “pathological” regular expressions that Perl matches very very slowly.

In contrast, there are no regular expressions that are pathological for the Thompson NFA implementation.

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The power that backreferences add comes at great cost: in the worst case, the best known implementations require exponential search algorithms, like the one Perl uses.